Motivation… Do you need it?

Aug 14

“I need Motivation” that’s what most people say when they want to start something but, the thing is you don’t need motivation.Yes, it is a fact that most of the people don’t believe. Sure, I also agree that you need good motivation to achieve your goals or at least to start the journey towards achieving it, but the problem with motivation is that it only helps to start your goals but it won’t keep you going. No one is motivated all the time, what to do when you are not feeling motivated? that’s when you have to start thinking instead of searching for motivation. So, what should you think?

Desire keeps you going not motivation

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. -Friedrich Nietzsche

So, when you are not feeling motivated just take a break and start asking yourself a simple question, is this really what you want? if you can answer that question then you don't need the “motivation” to keep going. Yes, its that simple. But, is desire is the only thing that keeps you going? well, not entirely true you need another thing called ‘confidence’. No matter how hard you try there are some low moments that makes you wanna quit, this is where confidence comes in. Hmm, nice but where can I get this from? Let me tell you a small story, I promise this won't take long.

How to build confidence?

‘When I thought of writing this story, I thought I should start with a simple line saying that “if you really need something, then you don’t need motivation and all, you will do no matter what”, here the problem with “writing” is you should think a lot about what to write so, after I wrote that line, I started thinking is this applicable to me now? is this why I am losing interest in coding? Is this major(Information Science) right for me? these questions scared the shit out of me, and I erased the entire story and went to bed with a bunch of serious questions. I couldn't sleep almost the entire night thinking about what to do. So, the next morning I went to college and there was an exam and the paper was too tough that almost everyone left the room very quickly except me and 2 of my friends and we thought let's try, why to just go and I ended up doing some of the questions, not all. But when I came out, I literally wanted to solve more and more, because I got some confidence that I can do this.’

So, how did I got that confidence? by trying out first. Yes, it's how you know whether you can do it or not. So, the lesson I learned from the whole experience is that, first try hard on what you want to do, try very hard, stop thinking about the result and after trying also if you are still skeptical about going further, just stop there and ask the above question because if you don’t want to do it, no amount of motivation can keep you going.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. -Aristotle

Introspection is what really matters the most, knowing what you want deep down your heart makes you work hard, not some random guy saying motivational quotes. So, just know what you really want and work hard for it, it’s that simple. Let me know what you think.