Why we suck

Dec 12

First grow up and accept the title. This is not some self-help article saying you do this or do that but instead, this is something that I like to say out loud. We can never be like Bill Gates, yes no matter how hard we work, we can’t go to the moon and if luck shits on us, all we can be is a failure. Feeling anguish already? hmm, I know reality is difficult to digest and that’s why we like to watch movies. But please stick with me, this is one heck of a read. This is something I understood after being hit by shit a lot of times.

1. What the hell do you want?

Yes, before just go on doing something or trying out something stop and ask yourself this question. You can never be able to achieve something if you don’t want to. So, first figure out what the hell you want to do? Don’t go by what you love, go for what you are good at. Because that can make some progress not something you love to do will. Example? if everyone wants to do what they love then there will never be guys on the streets. I’m not talking that it’s some low job or something, my point is no one likes to be a sweeper but they do because they have no choice and that can help them to survive.

2. Decide how much you want to suffer.

This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes. -Mark Manson

The only difference between successful people and others is that they work hard and you don’t, period. Yeah, I accept luck matters but struggle matter much. If you are not willing to spend nights working your ass off, then you don’t deserve to achieve anything, you simply don’t. Don’t believe in some stupid motivation shit, decide how much you are willing to suffer because you just can't achieve anything happily and even if you did then it doesn't feel anything to you. The whole point of winning or achieving something is to overcome suffering. You can’t get a super cool job at Google with a big fat salary, by just chilling out. You need to face your laptop screen for years day and night to achieve that. So, before you are trying to get into something, decide how much you are willing to go through for it. Remember nothing comes easy and if it does then I would be like Stephen King but instead, here I am writing third grade English.

3. No one can help you, realize this.

Don’t go asking for help because no one can help you and if someone says they can they are full of shit. Yes, it’s a fact. I don’t understand why people prefer therapies, knowing yourself for your entire life didn’t lead you to a solution then how the heck some bald out there is gonna tell you what to do. If you need some third person to make you realize your mistakes on why your relationship is not working out then you don’t even need a relationship, end of story. Be mature enough to know why you are such a wuss and try to work on it.

4. Recognize the troubles you are creating yourself.

Everyone creates some unwanted crap themselves and starts bothering too much about it. Always understand that ignoring problems is not gonna be of much help. You can never be happy by ignoring your problems except temporarily but it’s gonna lead to a life full of meaningless anger and shit. So, recognize where you are going wrong and be able to say to yourself where and you suck and try to improve.

5. Accept that you suck.

No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of shit waiting for you. And that’s perfectly fine. The point isn’t to get away from the shit. The point is to find the shit you enjoy dealing with. -Mark Manson

I say read that quote again and again. That’s what everyone knows but doesn't want to believe. Yes, they don’t want to accept that they may lose at some point because they think it may make them sound like losers. But I say everyone’s a loser. No matter how great you are you will lose when the time comes. Now don’t say be positive to me, because there’s no such thing as negative and positive. Thinking that it’s all gonna be okay gonna never remove your problems, only working on them does. This positive-negative shit has become so much trend these days as everyone saying “be positive be positive be positive” and I say what the heck is positive and negative? You lost because you didn’t work hard enough, that’s it and not because you thought negative about the result. If thinking positive gonna make you a winner then there will be no problems on this earth but here we are reading my shitty article. Come out of all this bullshit that this generation is feeding you.

If you are still having trouble with all of this, then try to get feedback from others as they often have a better perspective on you than themselves.