We can achieve anything

Dec 25/p>

You can’t build a better mind without challenging your own beliefs and assumptions. -Mark Manson

You would’ve have heard this so many times but this is my version. Let me tell you a short story, which happened a couple of days ago and what I’ve learned from it.

2 months before my HDD got corrupted and I thought of buying a new one coz for me this is my 4th one and the past 3 were useless when taken to the service center. But I thought of giving it a chance this time and I’ve done everything that’s required to take it to the center like made customer ID for Seagate, checked warranty and I went. The problem was I never went to this center before and when I saw the distance in maps it’s 6kms and no cab was available. I don’t know about others but for me, 6kms is too much, I go on the bike to a store that’s 3–4 blocks from my house. So, when I saw it’s that much far I thought of turning back and buying a new one instead but somehow I couldn’t, I wanted this to get resolved and I don’t want to buy another one this time while this one is on warranty. So, I went there by walking and everything is done as expected, they are gonna send a new one to my house and on the way back again there was one cab and came all the way walking back. Sure legs were paining that night but when I woke in the morning, I didn’t remember anything that happened the day before except one thing that, I’m getting a new hard drive.

Okay, it’s a boring one and definitely not what you’ve expected to read, but I learned something from it. I mean when the circumstances are like that, I had no choice but to exceed my limits to achieve want I want. The limit, in this case, is walking 12kms which is a very hard thing for me.

So the point I want to make apart from that I’m getting a new HDD which I am for sure is that we don’t know what we are capable of doing or how much length we can go to achieve something. Consider this example, a killer is not a weird superhuman or something, it’s just the circumstances that made him go to the insane lengths, ending up by killing someone. I’m not saying that killing is a good thing but if circumstances push us real hard leaving us with no easy choices we can do anything that earlier we thought as impossible for us to do. So, all I can say is nothing is impossible for us all we need to decide is what we want to achieve and how badly we want to achieve it i.e, to what extent we are willing to suffer for it, if we can answer these questions then nothing gonna stop us from achieving our goals.