What you believe, is your reality

Dec 28

2019 is by far the worst year for me. This is the year I got the least scores in my academics. This is the year I had a mental breakdown that lead to bleeding for banging my head to the wall. And this is the year in which every TV show I care about ended and the list goes on. I know others would be having a much worse year but as I said this is by far the worst for me. But the only thing good happened is that I learned many things this time. The major of all is to cope up when something this much shitty happens.

Two days ago I was watching one of Jordan Peterson videos and I was wondering how this guy is very much optimistic. I mean he believes in humans and human potential a bit too extreme. I look around and everyone I see is infinitely more fucked up than I am. There are some horrible shit shows happening in the world that are too worse to even think about. We’re living in a world where there’s so much negativity that it’s almost too much to bear.

So, how on earth Jordan Peterson believes something great can be achieved? it’s just amazing how people get up every day and move on despite this much shit going on. I’m not a nihilist but it’s great that everyone is striving to do something knowing that it’s all gonna be a waste at the end. So how come all this is happening? How to get up the next day when you had a shitty day before? A very simple but powerful answer, by establishing a belief.

Belief is the single greatest thing that’s running the world. It’s not hope that’s running the world, in fact, belief is the one that generates hope. Everyone has a different set of things they believe in but the main thing is believing itself. By believing in something, we’re thereby establishing a support system to live on. As I’ve said earlier we’re living in a world where extreme horrible things are going on and we need a support system to rely on and carry us when shit hits the fan. That’s why we need to believe in something, to get up every single day and to strive every single day. But what to believe? simple, in meaning.

I’ve always believed that happiness is something every human is after. But turns out I was wrong. Happiness is for animals and meaning is for us, humans. Meaning is what makes a life worth living. That’s why we humans get up every day and strive to achieve something even though we know it’ll all be gone soon enough, it’s the meaning that we’re after. Again how to achieve this meaning? By taking responsibility.

No one gets away with anything, ever, so take responsibility for your own life. -Jordan Peterson

Taking responsibility is hands down the greatest advice I’ve ever heard. It’s by taking responsibility that we can achieve something or we can face the harsh realities out there. Taking responsibility creates a sense of meaning that makes us strive for something. That’s what gets us out of bed every day. Yeah, life is hard, big deal huh? being responsible for our actions can make life easier.

As I’ve told this many times in my previous stories, the only way to be good at something is by being consistent at it. Consistency is the key and sometimes we face setbacks that make us want to just quit and the only way to try again in times like this is by believing that we can do something and we’ve to do something as we need to achieve more than just a win, we need to attain meaning. So, this is what I’ve learned this year, apart from so many other things. Take responsibility, make life meaningful and believe that life is more meaningful so that we can sustain difficult times.