Consistency > talent,luck...

Mar 10

There are many people in this world who are far better than you in every aspect. They are rich, talented, beautiful… and so on. But you can beat them! yes, you can. How? by putting sustained effort. Read that line carefully, I’m not simply saying effort, I’m saying “sustained” effort. Most people don’t realize this, working for 30 mins every day has more effect than working for 10hrs in one day.

People won’t succeed mostly for this single reason, they work really hard for a day, but won’t daily. Working consistently is the key.

Take this example, suppose I told you that if you write 100 articles then you can become a good writer, will you write? you say “piss off”. You think that 100 is too much, but what you've not realized is if you write daily 2–3 articles then you eventually become a better one than a guy who writes a good article for every 2–3 months(like me, except for the “good” part). Yes, you can beat him by being consistent. Yeah, I know that talent is intimidating and scary but by working every day you can beat anything.

Being consistent is very hard

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar

Ignore his name(Zig Ziglar, really?) and read that quote again and again. Now come back, let me tell you my version of the story. I like to code more and I’m coding for like 1.5 years now and I still pretty much suck at it. Reason? I get motivation whenever I see stuff like “silicon valley” or “social network” and I will be like ‘let’s code today whole night!’, yes I do code for the entire night for like 2 days and I will lose motivation and that’s it, again I will get motivated for like maybe after 10 or 20 days and I code for 2–3 days and I will lose motivation again. So, the end result, 1.5 years passed and I can’t solve more than 3 problems in leet code. That’s why I started taking it seriously and been working for every day for the past few weeks, now I’m motivated to code every day(may be able to solve more now). How did this happen? I’d say try it for yourself, it’s gonna be tough in the beginning but eventually, you will find yourself working every day. You will definitely succeed one day by working daily. Remember, success is just the sum of all small efforts repeated.

As the anger rolled and boiled, other memories clawed their way to the surface, demanding to be heard and seen for what they were: situations in which I felt helpless, unheard, ignored, diminished, and shut down. Which ended up in me beating the shit out of a lamppost, killing my fingers.

Consistency makes you feel like a loser

Yep, it’s pretty much is correct. By, doing some work every day you will feel like a loser as everyone out there already did something big and here you are working for 10 mins a day. But, remember you have to shovel from 1000 feet of crap to reach gold. Instead of losing motivation by feeling like a loser, I’d suggest you surrender to it. Yes, you heard it right, “surrender”, accept that you suck and make peace with it. If you think you're better you will never become better. So, accept that you suck and start from scratch, work every single day and see yourself become great in whatever the heck you want.

Try making some goals for every day, no problem if they’re small, try finishing them. It gives a very good feel while going to sleep knowing that you’ve done something today. I can go on and on regarding this but I will stop now and suggest you too and start doing something instead.