The Virtue of Self

Nov 12

No one gets away with anything, ever, so take responsibility for your own life. -Jordan B Peterson

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat hard and I've been watching a lot of Jordan Peterson videos on youtube and well, he's one of the great personalities on the planet. I've been reading Ayn Rand's virtue of selfishness, well not finished but to the point I've read, it's good I mean from what I've understood she wants us to respect ourselves more. It occurred to me that maybe both are talking about the same thing to put more precisely, Rand says to respect ourselves and the only I can see that happening is by talking responsibility of ourselves as Jordan says. So, I thought of how this helps me and almost everyone to live a better life and this is the notion I came up with.

Self-respect matters a lot

Respect yourself, so that you'll be able to respect others. -Matthew McConaughey

From everything I've experienced to date I'd say at the end of the day all I care mostly is about me feeling good about myself. I know it sounds narcissistic but trust me who doesn't want to feel good for oneself? I mean no matter what you've gained and if there's this self loathe you can never be happy. Sure, you will win or gain some huge money but you should be happy about yourself or else all those achievements are just gonna disappear after a day or two. Hence self respect matters a lot so, even when at the times we feel like low as cheapskate you should never go ballistic on yourself. No matter how much of a loser we're in what we're doing, I'm sure we are not that bad as we think we are. See sometimes we think that we're the worst in some things like for me coding or it can be anything for you but take a moment and see that there is a lot worse number of people that are much worse in what we're doing. So, first acknowledge the fact that we are something if not the best, we're definitely not the worst. Self loathe will never help us in becoming satisfied no matter how much we've achieved, here think that I'm not saying happiness coz heck with that we don't need happiness, we need satisfaction. Satisfaction saying that we're capable of something, that we can do something as at the end of the day it's meaning and satisfaction that makes us human coz you know happiness is for animals, meaning is for us. So, never ever loathe yourself no matter what the odds are. This is what Ayn Rand says mostly (according to how much I've read), to have a good amount of self-esteem, to respect ourselves and our values which makes us a man.

Talking responsibility will bring self-respect

Taking responsibility for ourselves is the greatest advice I've heard, period. We can just be sad or give up as everything seems hard. Well, life is hard, yeah big surprise! shit happens, deal with it. We can't just keep apologizing or worst stay in regret for everything. We gotta keep going, keep the shit moving and the only way to do this is by taking responsibility for our actions, mostly for everything we do.

Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping. -Jordan B Peterson

That line is one of the greatest things I've heard, I mean read it again and again. That's how we can become good, that's how we can become great. We gotta treat us good I mean why on earth you want to think great about others and feel shit about ourselves? are we fools? We gotta start taking things seriously, don't worry if not it's the perfect direction, nobody has the perfect direction we think they do as we think of others in a great way than us, idiots. The thing is all we can do is try to be good in something, try to make something meaningful out of our shitty lives so, stop lacking the goals you need to feel complete.

If we decide to do something, then we should goddamn do it and that's how we're gonna keep the commitment we've made thus generating a sense of respect for ourselves. So, the conclusion is simple, take responsibility and don't compare yourselves with others, instead, compare with whom you were yesterday and try to be better coz remember at the end of the day you matter the most in order belive that others matter too. The only way to love and respect others is by loving and respecting oneself.