On Writing

Nov 16

Ok, the title is a little too much and I’m not even a writer to give notes to others. So, what's this? well, this is something I learned through my writing journey, which I thought would be nice to share. This is not an advice-giving kinda story instead, this is a story regarding what I’ve learned in these 3 months of writing in ‘Medium’.

Readers hate advice

The major thing I’ve learned is to stop telling the public to do this and do that. Yep to put it simply, most of the readers don’t give a shit about what you tell them period. I mean why should they? who the heck are you to tell them what to do? so instead of giving advice or telling them what to do as I did in my first 3stories, I changed that by telling them what I experienced and how it could also help them too. So, now they know why they should do something like that as I told them doing it like that had got me the results.

Writing is just for self-satisfaction

The second thing I’ve learned is writing something because you have to or for money is useless. It doesn't work out. The only reason I write is that I think writing is cool, more honest? I’m a fan of “Hank Moody” from “Californication’’. When I saw the first episode itself, I’ve decided I should be a writer, at least if not a writer, I should write something. So, I started writing. But motivation? yes, I agree you need the motivation to write this sounds a little weird, I think you can write well when you are angry or sad. I may be wrong but for me, this kinda worked. I also don’t agree on writing every day to improve because I have other work to do and for me, writing is just another hobby instead of just having thoughts, I thought it would be cool if I write those.

Everyone doesn't love my writing and it’s okay

You cannot be a powerful and life-changing presence to some people without being a joke or an embarrassment to others. -Mark Manson

Last but not least, losing the fear of feedback. When I wanted to become like “Hank” and started writing my first story in medium, I was scared to publish it thinking people are gonna laugh at my grammar. But that’s when I realized, no matter what I do there will be a guy or many guys that hate me for it. Yes, there's no rule that everyone should like what I do and it’s okay, it doesn't matter because if it did matter then I wouldn't have published any of the stories. The advantage of starting something new for me is I know that I suck already and that’s why I’m starting from scratch, so if I knew that I suck then why bother about what others think? I’m still poor at my grammar and I don’t give a shit if people laugh let them. I’m now a writer in six publications and it’s not a big deal but I’m saying this because if I had worried or listened to the feedbacks of others I would’ve stopped writing. So instead, I’m trying to improve and just publishing what I thought is good, period.