Why almost everyone stays at mediocrity

Sep 23

Don’t ever let good enough be good enough. -Bill Parcells

It’s a fact. Almost everyone who thinks of being a wealthy piece or something ends up mediocre. The thing is your willingness to strive and your dreams of being successful are too weak in front of mediocrity. Hence, most of the people can’t escape it and remains there itself. There can be numerous reasons for this but I just want to talk about a few.

Failure is good

The phoenix must burn to emerge. -Janet Fitch

Yes, it’s another true fact, most of the people are scared about their life, career and almost everything thinking that they may end up in low-life which leads them ending up in there in reality. The problem is people don’t accept failure, they always try to run away from it by being far away from it, hence by losing the opportunity to win. If they don’t fail then they don’t know their mistakes, hence they can’t develop. Failure makes you think, it brings meekness, so don’t hesitate to fail, instead, use failure to trigger your ego and boost up so that you can win. Be bold enough to face your fears and slay them.

Some people are scared about what others think about them and don’t even think of doing what they love and want to do. This is one of the main reasons that most of the people are mediocre because they think they are low than others and don’t intend to come out of it and be themselves. Critics will be there no matter how brilliant you’re. Like there are people who hate “Friends(Tv show)” I mean how can one? like this no matter how good you are people comment, remember you are not born to please everyone, so stop caring on what others think.

Expectations almost never work

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. -Alexander Pope

This is one of the worst but a true fact. Most of the times nothing happens as you expect but everything happens on how you let it. Yes, it’s you and only you, that’s responsible for what’s happened or gonna happen not some other douche. Most of the people who want to start some projects or trying to set goals, directly think about the results without even starting to work on them. They think that it’s not gonna happen and don’t even bother starting or they think they gonna become something huge without even working enough. Always remember this thing, the beginning stages of anything is never what you expect it to be, so don’t think at the start only that it’s not gonna be easy or it isn’t for you. If you starting thinking about the outcome then you can’t enjoy the process. So, stop having high-end expectations that you gonna end up rich or something, nope nothing gonna happen from having good expectations, the only way you will be successful is by working hard as much as you can. So, instead of having expectations at the beginning itself, work hard and then expect that you are gonna win.

Do What You’re Good at, Not What You Love

“Do what you love” is one the wrong advice I heard as doing what you love alone can’t make you successful unless you are good at it too. Take this as an example, take people who work as waiters at a hotel, I mean no one loves to be a waiter(no offense), but its what they are good at, it’s the way of getting paid as they don’t have any other skill like that. But if they quit their job as they don’t like it and went on to become a singer or something they most definitely gonna fail as they are awful at it. So, doing what you are good at makes the money and success to come towards you.

Even there are people who keep on exploring what works for them and be planning on how to and where to start but this also doesn’t work most of the time. Yes, I’m a good example for this as I’ve been trying to figure out what to do and from where to start from like a year and still in dilemma whether what I’m doing is perfect for me or what. The mistake here is unless you won’t try everything that you are interested in. By working you will start generating progress, not by having a nice plan or something. So, choose what you are good at and make it your thing so that you will start loving it once you start winning in it. By trying out various options I did find what works well for me and it may help you too.

Finally, Prioritize your shit

This is a major thing to do in order to start focusing on which is urgent, not important. Success requires you to balance the essential things and remove everything else. It works only for the people who remove distractions from their lives. It’s not about being busy all the time, it’s about prioritizing the things that you value deeply or the things that will make you successful. As every area in your life affects every other area, you need to choose what’s more important than watching the NFL all day. This only works if you have the determination towards the work and intention to win. But, yeah sometimes you hit the rock bottom and doesn’t want to work anymore, then how to get the motivation? well, you don’t particularly need any “guru” teaching you this, just simply think if everyone is succeeding or achieving something, then why you are like this? this ego of yours can sometimes be really your motivation. Everything you do matters. Every single decision counts. So, make sure what you do is in line with your goals.

I do accept that you may never really know how can you do all that I just said, even I remain in the mediocrity as I don’t prioritize anything, I get scared a lot about failing and humiliation so I don’t bother trying anything but that’s the problem you got to change someday. You can’t always be scared and be sitting in your room and if you do, then you don’t have the right to complain why you’re like this because as I said earlier it’s you who are responsible for your shit and can change yourself, not some douche

All I can conclude is learn all you can, Experiment, fail, discover what works and soon you realize that you’re winning already as that’s how I found what works better for me to avoid mediocrity. Most importantly, have fun and be genuine to yourself and don’t forget that it takes time. Let me know your thoughts.