Kishore Karanam


List of the TV series I've seen:

Friends, Silicon Valley, Person of Interest,Stranger Things, Californication, Sherlock, Mr.Robot, Bojack Horseman,Wild Wild Country ,Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Arrow, House Of Cards, 13 Reasons why, Prison Break, How I met your Mother, Peaky Blinders, Fargo, Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Suits, Russian Doll, The Walking Dead.

What I'm watching now:

Modern Family(S8), MindHunter(s1), Shameless(S5).

Recommended Movies:

The Irishman(2019), Joker(2019), Ford V Ferrari(2019), Whiplash(2014), Forrest Gump(1994),Once upon a time in Hollywood(2019), 21(2008), Reservoir Dogs(1992), Inglorious Bastards(2009), Django Unchained(2012),The Social Network(2010), Interstellar(2014), Inception(2010), Dark Night trilogy, LOTR and HOBBIT series, Fight Club(1999), Moneyball(2011), The pursuit of Happyness(2006), A Beautiful Mind(2001), The Shawshank Redemption(1994), The Wolf of Wallstreet(2013), The big sick(2017), Good Will Hunting(1997), Liberal Arts(2012), Shutter Island(2010), Adaptation(2002), Bohemian Rhapsody(2018), A few good men(1992), The Shining(1980), When Harry met Sally(1989).

List of the Games I've played:

GTA-Vice city, San andreas, IV, V, Cricket 07, FIFA-10,14, Virtua Tennis 4, Call of Duty- 1, Modern Warefare(1,3,4), Blackops(1,2), Battlefield-4, BadCompany2, Mirror's Edge, Prototype-1,2, Prince Of Persia- Two Thrones, Warrior Within, Sands of Time, 4, The Mummy(2000), IcyTower, Vcop2, Tarzan(1999), Need for Speed- 1, Most Wanted(1,2012), Hot Pursuit 2, RoadRash, Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs, Hitman: Absolution.