List of the TV series I've seen:

Friends, Silicon Valley, Person of Interest,Stranger Things, Californication, Sherlock, Mr.Robot, Bojack Horseman,Wild Wild Country ,Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Arrow, House Of Cards, 13 Reasons why, Prison Break, How I met your Mother, Peaky Blinders, Fargo, Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Suits, Russian Doll, The Walking Dead.

What I'm watching now:

Modern Family(S8), MindHunter(s1), Shameless(S5).

Recommended Movies:

Rain Man(1988), One flew over Cuckoo's Nest(1975), Jerry Maguire(1996), The Irishman(2019), Joker(2019), Ford V Ferrari(2019), Whiplash(2014), Forrest Gump(1994),Once upon a time in Hollywood(2019), 21(2008), Reservoir Dogs(1992), Inglorious Bastards(2009), Django Unchained(2012),The Social Network(2010), Interstellar(2014), Inception(2010), Dark Night trilogy, LOTR and HOBBIT series, Fight Club(1999), Moneyball(2011), The pursuit of Happyness(2006), A Beautiful Mind(2001), The Shawshank Redemption(1994), The Wolf of Wallstreet(2013), The big sick(2017), Good Will Hunting(1997), Liberal Arts(2012), Shutter Island(2010), Adaptation(2002), Bohemian Rhapsody(2018), A few good men(1992), The Shining(1980), When Harry met Sally(1989).

List of the Games I've played:

GTA(Vice city, San andreas, IV, V), Cricket 07, FIFA(10,14,19), Virtua Tennis 4, Call of Duty(1, Modern Warefare(1,2,3,), Blackops(1,2)), Battlefield(4, BadCompany2), Mirror's Edge, Prototype(1,2), Prince Of Persia(Two Thrones, Warrior Within, Sands of Time, 4), The Mummy(2000), IcyTower, Vcop2, Tarzan(1999), Need for Speed( 1, Most Wanted(1,2012), Hot Pursuit 2), RoadRash, Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs, Hitman: Absolution.