Kishore Karanam


Pursuing happiness?? Don't.

Attaching happiness on anything is extremely overrated as the moment the intrinsic body shits the bed, everything is fucked.

What you believe, is your reality

Belief is the absolute necessity.

The Virtue of Self

No one gets away with anything, ever, so take responsibility for your own life.

Going too deep = going insane

Going too deep into anything is very, very dangerous and when I say dangerous it's not a life and death scenario but an equivalent fucked up one.

An overview of Frontend and Backend interaction

I’ve made a small chat client to understand the frontend and backend relationship. This app runs on the local system, and is built using Node.js, Express, and

The Power of Node.js

Obviously, Node has to be single-threaded coz Js is single-threaded but some parts are natively handled by libuv and OS which are multi-threaded. Confusing? we'll just break it down in a more simple way and we will come back to this.

More than half a century of ignorance is what we're calling independence

From the past week, I've been in intense discussions with my friends about our country and why I think we're just ignorant. I never really understood why we're are so proud of our country and ourselves. India got independence 73 years ago and I'd say we still are living in shitty conditions.

Control is an Illusion

We’re living in a better period than no one ever did. People like Steven Pinker and Hans Rosling wrote huge books explaining why everything is perfect. Like we’ve got more rights than ever, violence hit an all-time low, racism, sexism and mostly all “isms” against women has been decreased and our literacy has peaked too.

Ignorance is bliss

I’ve always been obsessed with great things, I mean the things which I think are great. Meaning, I believed that whatever song I listened or whichever movie I’ve watched are the best ones.

Consistency > talent,luck...

There are many people in this world who are far better than you in every aspect. They are rich, talented, beautiful… and so on. But you can beat them! yes, you can. How? by putting sustained effort. Read that line carefully, I’m not simply saying effort, I’m saying “sustained” effort.

We can achieve anything

You would’ve have heard this so many times but this is my version. Let me tell you a short story, which happened a couple of days ago and what I’ve learned from it.

Why we suck

First grow up and accept the title. This is not some self-help article saying you do this or do that but instead, this is something that I like to say out loud. We can never be like Bill Gates, yes no matter how hard we work, we can’t go to the moon and if luck shits on us, all we can be is a failure.

On Writing

Ok, the title is a little too much and I’m not even a writer to give notes to others. So, what's this? well, this is something I learned through my writing journey, which I thought would be nice to share. This is not an advice-giving kinda story instead, this is a story regarding what I’ve learned in these 3 months of writing in ‘Medium’.

Learning to code is hard

I’m no expert coder or something but coding or learning to code for almost 2 years, I’ve learned more than enough which can make me a good one. These are the things I wish that I’ve known at the beginning. You may have read several articles on this, but these are my thoughts and I think you can spare your time for another one.

Why almost everyone stays at mediocrity

It’s a fact. Almost everyone who thinks of being a wealthy piece or something ends up mediocre. The thing is your willingness to strive and your dreams of being successful are too weak in front of mediocrity. Hence, most of the people can’t escape it and remains there itself.

Motivation… Do you need it?

“I need Motivation” that’s what most people say when they want to start something but, the thing is you don’t need motivation.Yes, it is a fact that most of the people don’t believe. The problem with motivation is that it only helps to start your goals but it won’t keep you going.