More than half a century's ignorance is what we're calling independence

Let me tell you a small boring story. My dorm wifi is not working I'm extremely irritated on this. I was angry that I'm paying lakhs of money these stupid corporate people don't even have the minimum courtesy of providing a decent wifi connection. First I broke my chair and still I was not calm instead I wanted to shout at everyone. So, I thought that the only way to chill is to shout about everything that's bothering me.

Things bother me and I vent, I write it down - Hank Moody

From the past week, I've been in intense discussions with my friends about our country and why I think we're just ignorant. I never really understood why we're are so proud of our country and ourselves. India got independence 73 years ago and I'd say we still are living in shitty conditions.

We call ourselves a nation with mixed races and all, in fact, we say that like we're the only country that treats everyone equally where politicians and backward caste are still living in extremes… government still failing to improve the downtrodden. The reservation system has been available for every piece of shit than to the ones that require it the most. We say that everyone is treated in India equally and still there are some villages where the low caste people don't have the privileges that the upper ones do. Everyone knows this shit and the everyone does have the same response too "we can't change this, the politicians are worst".

Education is another worst thing in India. It's a tremendous business for the corporate overlords as it's the only business that's in profits throughout the year irrespective of seasons and other stuff. Okay, fine education is costly, but is it worth? Nah… paying at least 2 million for the bachelors is just ridiculous and the knowledge gained is completely and utterly useless. For this, the answer is "see it's us that should work hard not blaming the institutions. Whoever works hard he will succeed". Self-learn is great but if we're learning everything by self then what's the point of paying lakhs to the stupid schools and colleges? again everyone knows this and no gives a shit, as usual, the same response that corporate people are shitholes and politicians are shitholes.

Politics is the most…. I can't find words to describe the political system here. Most of the politicians are illiterates and don't even know how to do shit and they are the leaders. The people who don't even know what's income are the ones that take decisions on the country's economy! Movie stars can become big politicians here, very sad to say this. But again people have the same response every politician is shitty and we can't change that…..

My problem with all this is we're are constantly blaming ourselves for every mistake, then how come we became a great nation? It's the people that are shit holes which gives opportunities to much bigger shit holes to gain the power and rule us. I asked one guy in my class that who he would vote and why his answer just left me baffled. He said that everyone in his village vote to (let's call it the x party) the x party coz it was established by a movie star decades ago and they're all his fans!!! he said that in a proud way!! and they wonder why their lives are shitty…. I mean the entire village is just extremely stupid that they don't even realize how miserable they should be leaving. These are just a very few problems and there are a lot more things that are holding the country back. Until everyone gonna come out of ignorance nothing's gonna change.

I agree that we're improving but the mindset of people needs to be improved a lot more. In my opinion, only education can improve a country and we should stop seeing that as business and start making it available for everyone.