Learning to code is hard

I’m no expert coder or something but coding or learning to code for almost 2 years, I’ve learned more than enough which can make me a good one. These are the things I wish that I’ve known at the beginning. You may have read several articles on this, but these are my thoughts and I think you can spare your time for another one.

Choosing a Language doesn't matter much

It does but... When I first started coding I was like I should learn python, java, c, c++ etc and I’ve not even good at any of those still after this much time. The mistake I made was searching for tutorials and which language is best to learn and so on. After having ‘c’ as a subject in college I understood that there's no such thing as “learning” or “knowing” the language. If you know one language, you know other too just the syntax matters(apart from web ones). Understanding the logic is key, simple. Knowing several languages is not gonna make you a good coder but knowing how and where to implement what you know will. So, instead of wasting what languages to learn just think of what field you wanna go, choose the prerequisites and start learning those.

Don’t start with python

Maybe you’ve heard so many times to start with python it's easy, but I say don’t. I don’t know about others, but starting with python is one of the big mistakes I’ve made. I agree that python syntax is easy but when I started learning other languages like c, java its was tough to understand as in these I need to declare everything from data types to array size etc. Python did almost entire work for me and I didn’t entirely understand the background work, but when I started learning c or java its tough because I’ve not even used data types for declaring variables, memory allocation etc, it's difficult. So, in my opinion, I say go with c or java first and if you know these you can easily learn python. Learning these languages first is tough but you will understand basic concepts clearly. The most important of all,

You learn by doing

You would’ve seen or heard this almost everywhere but still, you will only be a coder if you code. Something I’ve learned during this journey is that learning to code is continuous and never ending process, so the only way I can be better is by coding. Practice, practice, and practice. This is another mistake I did, I never did much of practice, I completed like 2 – 3 courses in ‘coursera’ and thought I know so much. But when I opened competitive coding sites like ‘HackerRank’ or ‘Codechef’ I could barely solve 10 – 12 problems, because learning to code and coding is completely different. I’m saying this again “knowing language is not enough, knowing how to and where to implement makes the difference”. I need so much logic and understanding to solve those problems. So, how to get better then? by practicing as much as I can. So, I’ve decided to work on those sites and start from basic and increase the difficulty level. I stopped worrying if I can’t solve because I finally started admitting that I don’t know much, it’s called maturity and it’s great, you should try it sometime. After all I’m not “Ironman” or something. MOOC’s are great but instead of just watching video lectures which can be boring after some time, I started learning from sites like ‘freeCodeCamp’, where everything you learn is by actually doing it. It’s really great for learning web development as you have projects to finish and you even get certificates too. So, learn by doing is the method I choose.


  • Maths is essential (not depth, but at least somewhat basic concepts).
  • There’s no faster way to learn how to code.
  • You need to ask help at some point (searching google the right way is key).
  • It’s okay to fail, trust me you’re gonna fail a million times.

  • Learning to code isn’t easy but that’s why it’s worth doing. So, no matter what, don’t give up and always remember that it takes time.